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IDverify at a glance

IDVerify as an Identity Verification System is designed in-line with the specifics of National Biometric Standards requirement, Standardization of data collection, transmission and storage processes to cover the basic functions of enrolment, verification and identification.

Our system ensures consistent, good quality biometrics data and reliable interoperability across biometric capture devices, capture software and unique NIN service delivery. This will enable detection and elimination of duplicate identities and ensure accurate authentication.

How It Works

Identity verification is the safest and fastest way to know the identity of the individual
trying to carry out business with any entity.


NIN Verification

NIN verification will validate the data of the individual and confirms the NIN


NIN Retrieval

NIN retrieval will reveal the NIN of the individual with status



KYC enables organization/bodies to obtain recent information about the individual.

Consuming our API

For our high-volume verification customers, we provide a simple but well documented API which you can consume based on your use case thereby allowing you to focus on your core business functions. Our verification services can be accessed through our IDverify API. We can also provide bespoke solutions to suit your business needs.



In today's fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Whether you're renting a car, checking into a hotel, or opening a new bank account, the last thing you want is to be bogged down by lengthy identity verification processes. That's where InstantVerify comes in – your ultimate solution for lightning-fast identity verification without the hassle of traditional logins.

Our intuitive platform allows you to breeze through the verification process effortlessly. Simply select the service type you require – whether it's age verification, address verification, or identity verification – and proceed to make payment securely through our encrypted payment gateway.

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